Friday, 24 August 2012

Batty Bats

An old photo today I'm afraid but thought I'd post about bats as we have a nightly batty visitor flying around our house when the children are in bed.  I love bats, as does Mr T so Halloween last year I knitted up a  bat for playing and general Halloweeny decoration.  The children decided there was no way it was just going to hang around looking good so it became a permanent toy .  Of course with two children one bat isn't enough so one became two, and then I knitted one for a lovely friend as well.  I can't say it was my fave project to knit as it was a bit fiddly and required a fair bit of sewing up but the end results are definitely worth it.

As you can perhaps tell from this picture they have tubey feet that you can use to hang them from and their wings close up with a little button for when they have had enough of flying about and want to roost.  The pattern is here .  I had planned on knitting a whole rainbow of bats but after I had done the grey ones I had moved on to Christmas knitting.

The batty yarn came from Great British Yarns, Knitpicks Wool of the Andes.

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