Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Both children did their Decopatch today.  I bought these starter kits earlier in the year but Miss E had found it a bit too tricky so I had put them away for a bit.  Todays showery weather and my loss of voice seemed good enough reasons to get the kits back out.  Miss E was fine with it this time, although I did have to ration the glue!

While they were glueing I managed to finish the Sherbet mittens and upload them onto Etsy.  I also bought some labels and mail bags so I am all ready to go when someone orders.

 I am almost out of this colourway and Miss E has been eyeing them up so I am hoping to persuade the children that we need to make a trip to here and replenish my supplies!  I've not been to the barn but have heard its huuuuge and full of yarn, sounds a perfect way to spend a wet morning, although yarn and keen toddlers don't usually make a good combination.

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