Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hand Dyed Wool

Today was one of those days.  I wish I hadn't got out of bed, or at least got out of the bed the other side.  The children were "tricky" to put it mildly, I felt pretty rubbish still having no voice and a weird cough.  In the afternoon I managed to boil over the tea inside the oven so I had a pool of food in the bottom of my oven and all over the floor.  Then to top it all off 5 minutes before I was about to serve tea so that Mr T could get to swimming a gust of wind blew my vase of birthday roses onto the wooden floor.  A thorough clean up followed, with me trying to keep the children out of the way while I mopped and tried to avoid stabbing myself on glass and thorns.

I did get to spend the evening knitting some lovely hand dyed yarn on the sofa with Mr Man though, and here are the results, another pair of mittens that just need sewing up!

I bought the yarn soon after Miss E was born at Wool and Willow.  It is absolutely gorgeous soft wool dyed by Jenny Cook.  I am hiding these mittens because, due to a small someone's obsession with pink, it will only  be a matter of time before they are squirrelled away in a toy bag  and stowed somewhere obscure in the house!!!

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