Friday, 24 August 2012

Market Day

Today we went to the market to stock up on fruit and veg.  On days like today I am glad Miss E is still small enough for a buggy as there is no way I could have carried all our supplies without it.  Here is a selection of what we bought including Victoria plums!!!  Victorias have to be the nicest plums ever but you hardly ever find them in supermarkets.  My parents usually grow loads but their poor plum trees have got some nasty disease or pest that means there will be no fruit from them this year :(


  1. There's nothing to beat fresh fruit and veg from the market. I've heard lots of people talking about having fruit ruined this year due to the wet weather, such a pity.

    1. I contacted a local farmer about a maize maze they were growing and he said it was 6 inches instead of 6 feet because of the weather this year! Maybe we'll have an Indian summer in September!!