Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rainy day sewing

Well yesterday was rainy again.  After lunch I took the small people on an adventure to the craft barn.  We eventually found it and after one dramatic toddler fall in the carpark and a fair bit of toddler yelling in the shop (she wanted to be able to sew herself a cross stitch toy and felt the shop should sell what she would need to do it!!!) I managed to come away with a lovely selection of yarns and a starter cross stitch kit for a very chuffed little man.

When we got home everyone was keen to get sewing...

These photos are actually from the second sewing session of the afternoon as the camera was out on a trip when we got back (hence the pyjamas!!).  They both really surprised me with how well they could do it and I didn't have to rethread that many needles or untangle that much thread.

The space ship kit was a bargain, although I am going to contact Anchor as they don't seem to have supplied anywhere near enough thread with it.

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