Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spring Bunnies

In a bid to try and be organised I have started thinking of ideas for Spring and Summer projects.  I have more ideas than time at the moment so I guess that is a good (albeit frustrating!).  I am thinking crochet will come into its own as the weather warms up but at the moment I am still knitting, and here is my newest make, a bunny rabbit hat!

I initially tried to do integral ears but they didn't work so after some frogging I decided to go with moss stitch ears.  I am really pleased with the way its turned out, I just wish I had a baby around to model it (any keen photographers out there who would like a freebie in return for a few photos to use on Etsy feel free to get in touch!).  I am now working on a chocolate coloured rabbit hat, then maybe a cream or pink, or even grey, what colours would you like to see?


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    1. Thanks Shell, have ordered a lot more colours so can se I will be doing a fair few more of them :)