Saturday, 16 February 2013

Easter Bunny Hats

I have been busy busy busy as usual.  So busy knitting and crocheting I started to get a sore wrist!  I reckon its my wrist telling me I "need" a new fancy dancy crochet hook.  I have seen some ergonomic ones, but I have also seen some gorgeous ones with handmade coloured handles and of course I know which one I really want ;)

Anyways I now have a range of different coloured bunny hats ready for Easter.

They are all available ready to go here on Etsy.  Miss E and I were telling stories the other evening and she said "runny babbit" for bunny rabbit.  I thought it was a great name for those fast little creatures and am currently resisting the urge to rename them on Etsy!

Both littlies have had viruses.  Well they have had the same virus but isn't it strange how the same thing affects different people in different ways.  Mr T of course got pukey as is his way with just about any illness, and Miss E got truly miserable each night because she will not blow her nose herself or let anyone else do it. Her colds tend to be short lived but then develop into a hacking cough but thankfully that has gone now.  

Because of the germiness we have stayed in the house which means a grumpy housebound Mum but also lots of craftiness and baking.  I would love to show you the valentines cake we made but I wasn't quick enough with the camera and its all gone.  When I was little my Mum would make a victoria sponge cake filled with cream and fresh raspberries on Valentines day so we do that too.  The fresh raspberries are such a treat on a grey February day.  The littlies enjoyed making jam tarts as well.  Mr T did all his on his own and Miss E was pretty good at all the rolling and cutting and jamming.

The mark on Miss Es nose isn't raspberry jam but a tennis wound from a big fall on the gravel outside the tennis court when "Real blood leaked out".  It has healed up now but has been a big talking point in our house the last few days as she likes to tell the full gory story to everyone she meets.

The jam tarts were lovely, I wish we had made double to be honest as they were fab with a pot of tea.  We used this recipe here if you fancy some, just did the pastry in the food processor to save the faffing of small children and lots of flour!

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  1. Looks like they enjoyed themselves, despite not being 100%. My 2 youngest have also been quite poorly, but thankfully they are improving in time for the rest of the half term break. Oh and cute hats!!