Friday, 1 March 2013

Dr Seuss

If I am honest I have never really been a fan of Dr Seuss, I didn't really like his books as a child and hadn't been keen to read them to Mr T and Miss E.  Then a few months back I saw a video on Youtube from The Burning Man Festival of The Places You'll Go, and after many more viewings I absolutely love it!  We now have a copy of the book (thanks Mum) and as the children enjoyed it, and as our Home Ed group were planning on a Dr Seuss day we borrowed a few more books from the library and had a go at a few Seuss inspired activities.

Here are our "Wockets in the pockets"  Mr T did the middle one and the one on the left (he was keen to do two, which is rare as he isn't hugely keen on drawing and writing, think it was the stapler that won him over!).  Miss E did the one on the right, she drew her wockets and cut them out all herself!  Miss E really loved the book, she is at that age when rhyming words are a huge source fun.

We also added some funny feet to these creatures!  I had planned to make some playdoh wockets like these I found here but we ran out of time and energy in the end.  We will save them for another day.

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