Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Quarry Bank Mill

Last weekend we made the most of a free National Trust offer and enjoyed a day out at Quarry Bank Mill.  I have been before many moons ago but it was the children's first visit.  Mr T loved all the machinery etc in the mill, Miss E loved the cafe and the toilets (!!) and I enjoyed the gardens and the Apprentice house as I never made it to that part before.  Mr T decided apprentice life wouldn't have been too bad as they ate a lot of pork (his favourite food!) and Miss E has been telling everyone we meet about seeing leeches that "suck your blood out"!  I was very grateful for my recently acquired satnav as the roads around the airport were very confusing but a great and tiring day was had by all.  (I can also heartily recommend the white choc and cranberry millionaires shortbread in the cafe!)

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