Thursday, 29 August 2013

Circus Fun

My lovely sister came up for the bank holiday weekend and after a morning of football watching  we decided to go to the allotment open day at Haigh Hall.  As soon as we walked in the children spotted the circus skills people and both went to join in (followed by me, I decided that even though all the other parents were watching from the side I really wanted to have a play as well!)  I managed to persuade my sister to join in as well although neither of us were brave enough to attempt the unicycle!  Mr T adored the diablo and spent ages getting to grips with it, really listening and persevering with it until he could do it.

I was lucky enough to be shown how to use the poi.  I have always wanted to learn and the lovely pink haired lady showed me how to do the butterfly and also explained how to make my own sock poi.  I lasted about an hour at home before I made a pair and waited impatiently for bedtime so I could have a longer turn with them!!

On Sunday morning we gave the children some money each and went to a car boot sale and guess what we spotted, a diablo!!  It was exactly the amount of money Tom had and he was so chuffed that he bought it straight away even though he had spent the last half hour walking around and agonising over the merits of a spirograph compared to Escape From Atlantis!!

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