Monday, 7 April 2014

Family Crafting - How to paint like Kandinsky

This is a great family activity as the idea is such a simple one and anyone of any age can produce a lovely piece of art.  

First of all we looked at some images of Kandinsky's piece Concentric Circles online and talked about the shapes and colours.

Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

Next we took some paper and folded it in half, then half, then half again to get eight equal sized rectangles. If I had had bigger sheets of paper I would have cut the paper into a square shape first so that each section was a square like Kandinsky's but we only had A4 paper so we worked with rectangles.

 For younger children it works better if the rectangles or squares are bigger so for Miss E's second attempt I just folded her paper into quarters.

We then used watercolours and appropriately sized brushes to build up circles in each section starting from the centre and working outwards.  Again I tend to give younger children larger brushes as it produces better end results and they get to finish before they get bored!

And here is how they turned out, I love how cheerful they look.  We are off to get some frames as they are destined to be birthday presents.

 Miss E's first attempt

Mr T's picture

 My attempt!

 Miss E's second attempt with larger rectangles

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