Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I have decided to try and do a bit more art, and specifically a bit more painting with the children now that Miss E is a bit more patient and a bit less likely to paint the house.

I borrowed this book from the library so we shared it together and then had a go at this activity together.

They both loved mixing the paints and the end results look fab.  I think we will have a go at a few more Monet inspired pieces before moving to another artist.

The book.

Before we took off the masking tape...

Finished pictures, Miss E's then Mr T's.


With both my little ones I loved putting them in babylegs.  They were perfect for keeping legs warm when they were in the sling.  Now on Facebook and Etsy I have had a couple of custom orders for knitted legwarmers.  One for a little girl and one for a boy.

The girly ones are Adriafil Knitcol and the green ones, which were really tricky to photograph are hand dyed superwash pure wool I bought for Miss E whan she was born and never got round to knitting up!

First Haircut

After almost two years of gentle persuasion Miss E finally decided she would let the hairdresser trim her hair.  Ever since watching Disney Tangled she has told everyone she wants to be Rapunzel when she is a "grown up lady" so getting her to have a even the smallest trim has taken a lot of work.

She sat really still and didn't fuss at all, I think she actually enjoyed it!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More Germs

Miss E was really poorly last week and needed an emergency Dr visit and an inhaler and steroids.  She is a lot better now but obviously still not fully recovered as she has a cough to rival a heavy smoker and to say she is slightly more stroppy than usual would be an understatement.  Now Mr T has it and as is usual with him it has caused him to have a bad stomach and throw up, a lot.  So not much to blog about really, mostly knitting, dealing with poorly smalls and trying to keep people amused inside.

Here is what I have made with Miss E this morning.  Paper dolls.  I am no artist as you can see but she wanted me to colour them to match family members...

Exciting post!

I have my business cards!!!!

Thanks to a lovely friend with the help of Vistaprint!  I am much more excited than I probably should be about 500 small bits of card but there you go!