Saturday, 26 January 2013

Science Fun

This is Mr T's favourite book at the moment, he has been doing lots of the experiments and the crafts from it.

This week he and Miss E decided they wanted to make the climbing bugs.

They both chose the ladybird type beetle as they decided the lizard looked too tricky to draw.

Here is Mr T's which he drew all by himself.

Miss E coloured hers on her own but I drew it and cut it out for her.  They were really easy to make, all you needed was card, a metre of string, a plastic drinking straw, 2 beads a 1p and some selotape.  

Here is Mr T demonstrating how it climbs up!

Of course when the beads came out Miss E decided she needed to make some bracelets and the beetle was forgotten.

If you look closely you can see one of my current knitting projects, and of course the obligatory "pink Princess" who joins in most things around here at the moment!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Chocolate Bunny

I decided I really should photograph this brown bunny hat alongside a Lindt chocolate rabbit (obviously just for the photo, nothing to do with having a Lindt rabbit to eat afterwards) but due to snow and grumpy children I never made it to the supermarket.

We have even more snow now, I haven't ventured out yet as all fell last night but I am guessing we have four inches or so.  The children will be over the moon, especially as Daddy is much more into sledging than I am and is off work today.  I am just hoping that the postman makes it to us as he should have some more yarn for me, and if I'm not able to get out anywhere I may as well be knitting ;)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spring Bunnies

In a bid to try and be organised I have started thinking of ideas for Spring and Summer projects.  I have more ideas than time at the moment so I guess that is a good (albeit frustrating!).  I am thinking crochet will come into its own as the weather warms up but at the moment I am still knitting, and here is my newest make, a bunny rabbit hat!

I initially tried to do integral ears but they didn't work so after some frogging I decided to go with moss stitch ears.  I am really pleased with the way its turned out, I just wish I had a baby around to model it (any keen photographers out there who would like a freebie in return for a few photos to use on Etsy feel free to get in touch!).  I am now working on a chocolate coloured rabbit hat, then maybe a cream or pink, or even grey, what colours would you like to see?

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Yesterday while Mr Man got on with some DIY I took both littlies out to Manchester Art Gallery.  I had spotted they had a exhibition of papercuts and was keen to see it before it finished at the end of January.  It was really amazing, anyone near enough to go should pay it a visit.  I tried to take a few photos but with two small children with very short attention spans (plus the very real possibility of someone falling into/touching the exhibits) I wasn't able to get any good pictures, or spend as much time as I would have liked looking at the work but the bits I managed to get a peek of were fab.  The Rob Ryan piece was my favourite, Map of My Entire Life.  How does someone have the skill and patience to cut something like that from paper, quite amazing.

Mr T made a few people chuckle when he noticed the paper life sized model of a motorbike and remarked (loudly for an art gallery) "Thats more my type of thing!".  We had a quick dash around and finished up in the cafe before heading back on tram and train so it really was a day with something for everyone (except poor Mr Man who spent the day sanding and visiting IKEA!)

Here are a few pictures on flickr from the exhibition, inc the Rob Ryan work and Mr T's fave motorbike!

My Flowery Lady

Through Etsy I "met" a lovely local-ish lady before Christmas.  She wanted some of my knits for her children and she made Miss E (and her dolly) beautiful dresses.  Miss E and I looked at lots of materials online and she chose a beautiful rose design on a red background.  The dresses arrived at the end of last week and have been worn pretty much ever since their parcel was opened.  The first day she wouldn't wear anything other than a vest underneath, or anything on top as she wanted to be a "twirly flower ballerina" but now it has got even colder she has relented and put a top and leggings on underneath.

The ladies shop is on Etsy here and Facebook here.  Mr T has told Miss E her and her dolly could be identical twins, although he was quick to point out that they weren't quite the same size, or with the same hair!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Little Grey Rabbit

My needles have been busy the last few weeks bringing to life a thank you rabbit for a very lovely lady.  I have to admit knitted toys stress me out as I have issues with sewing them up and adding faces.  Well not really issues, but I am a perfectionist and my sewing skills are far from perfect so the creating of a person/animal from knitting always provides a few challenges.  This little man (well Miss E says he is a she) has been very well loved throughout his creation by Miss E and I think she will be a little sad to see him go, but as her soft toy collection threatens to take over her room she really doesn't need anymore cuddly babies!

The photos are far from great I'm afraid but we seem to be in the midst of 40 days of rain, maybe more, and I gave up waiting for a bright day to take a better one!

He is from this rabbit pattern on Ravelry and is knitted using Stylecraft Special DK in graphite.  I used 3.25mm needles and reduced the length of the ears and legs slightly to compensate for the thinner yarn.  I also followed another knitters changes to creat a rounder tail, which I knitted in white.  A pom pom tail would have been nice but as this may get t be loved by a baby or two I was worried about bits of wool coming off.