Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Little Grey Rabbit

My needles have been busy the last few weeks bringing to life a thank you rabbit for a very lovely lady.  I have to admit knitted toys stress me out as I have issues with sewing them up and adding faces.  Well not really issues, but I am a perfectionist and my sewing skills are far from perfect so the creating of a person/animal from knitting always provides a few challenges.  This little man (well Miss E says he is a she) has been very well loved throughout his creation by Miss E and I think she will be a little sad to see him go, but as her soft toy collection threatens to take over her room she really doesn't need anymore cuddly babies!

The photos are far from great I'm afraid but we seem to be in the midst of 40 days of rain, maybe more, and I gave up waiting for a bright day to take a better one!

He is from this rabbit pattern on Ravelry and is knitted using Stylecraft Special DK in graphite.  I used 3.25mm needles and reduced the length of the ears and legs slightly to compensate for the thinner yarn.  I also followed another knitters changes to creat a rounder tail, which I knitted in white.  A pom pom tail would have been nice but as this may get t be loved by a baby or two I was worried about bits of wool coming off.


  1. S/he is lovely :) I always think knitting toys will be a quick project but it always ends up taking forever. Well done x