Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Flowery Lady

Through Etsy I "met" a lovely local-ish lady before Christmas.  She wanted some of my knits for her children and she made Miss E (and her dolly) beautiful dresses.  Miss E and I looked at lots of materials online and she chose a beautiful rose design on a red background.  The dresses arrived at the end of last week and have been worn pretty much ever since their parcel was opened.  The first day she wouldn't wear anything other than a vest underneath, or anything on top as she wanted to be a "twirly flower ballerina" but now it has got even colder she has relented and put a top and leggings on underneath.

The ladies shop is on Etsy here and Facebook here.  Mr T has told Miss E her and her dolly could be identical twins, although he was quick to point out that they weren't quite the same size, or with the same hair!!

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