Saturday, 26 January 2013

Science Fun

This is Mr T's favourite book at the moment, he has been doing lots of the experiments and the crafts from it.

This week he and Miss E decided they wanted to make the climbing bugs.

They both chose the ladybird type beetle as they decided the lizard looked too tricky to draw.

Here is Mr T's which he drew all by himself.

Miss E coloured hers on her own but I drew it and cut it out for her.  They were really easy to make, all you needed was card, a metre of string, a plastic drinking straw, 2 beads a 1p and some selotape.  

Here is Mr T demonstrating how it climbs up!

Of course when the beads came out Miss E decided she needed to make some bracelets and the beetle was forgotten.

If you look closely you can see one of my current knitting projects, and of course the obligatory "pink Princess" who joins in most things around here at the moment!

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