Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Quarry Bank Mill

Last weekend we made the most of a free National Trust offer and enjoyed a day out at Quarry Bank Mill.  I have been before many moons ago but it was the children's first visit.  Mr T loved all the machinery etc in the mill, Miss E loved the cafe and the toilets (!!) and I enjoyed the gardens and the Apprentice house as I never made it to that part before.  Mr T decided apprentice life wouldn't have been too bad as they ate a lot of pork (his favourite food!) and Miss E has been telling everyone we meet about seeing leeches that "suck your blood out"!  I was very grateful for my recently acquired satnav as the roads around the airport were very confusing but a great and tiring day was had by all.  (I can also heartily recommend the white choc and cranberry millionaires shortbread in the cafe!)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Some New Photos

A few weeks ago I sold some hats to a wonderful photographer Rachel Jefferies and this week she was kind enough to send me some of her images.

Newborn Raspberry Hat available on Etsy (other sizes listed and custom orders always welcome)

Newborn Bunny Hat available in lots of other colours as well here

Don't they look fab?!  I know real babies must wear my hats and mittens but it really makes my day to actually *see* them in action, and what gorgeous models as well.  If you are local to Calne and need a photographer make sure you check Rachel out as her pictures are fab and she is a lovely lady.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A New Variation

I was contacted the other day by a lovely fellow crafter (she makes lovely crochet slippers, see her Facebook page here.) who wanted some mittens for her children.  For her youngest she asked if I could do  full mittens without a thumb.  After searching for a long time for an idea of the hand size of a one year old  here is the first of the pair.  I am really pleased with it.  The colours are fab, remind me of a clear sunny morning in late spring when all the fresh new leaves are just opening on the trees and are still that really bright green.  I also loved knitting them because I didn't have to do all that "slip thumb stitches onto a stitch holder", "pick up and knit" etc and of course less ends to sew in afterwards!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Quieter Times and Looking Forward

Sorry I have been quiet recently.  Our personal circumstances have had a big change and now I am on my own with the two smallies.  I am trying to look up, and move forward and concentrate on brighter times in the future.  I have managed to knit again (can you believe in the midst of it all I actually forgot how to knit!!) so hopefully I will be able to get blogging again properly soon.