Saturday, 2 February 2013

First Glimpses of Spring

After all the snow of last weekend we are actually enjoying our second sunny morning today!  Yesterday was lovely, I even managed a bit of Al Fresco knitting while the small peeps cycled madly round the local park.  In anticipation of sunnier days to come I have been crocheting some coasters.

This is my first test one.  It is now on its way to its new home at my little sisters work.  I quickly made another two and these are up in the shop.  Daisies are one of my fave flowers, another being sunflowers so I had a go at the daisy pattern in sunflower colours.

I liked it but it just isn't sunflowery enough.  At some unearthly hour yesterday morning when I couldn't sleep it suddenly occured to me how to adapt the points.  To any experienced crocheters its probably really obvious but as crochet is still pretty new to me (and still somewhat of a mystery at times!) I was soooo pleased when it actually worked out!

It is now pinned and blocking in my tiny airing cupboard.  I will post another photo of it in all its sunny glory when its all flat.

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  1. Love how the sunflower came out once you adapted it :)