Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sunshine Bread

Since I found it I have been a keen follower of the blog A Girl Called Jack.  Her budget recipes are amazing, so far we have enjoyed the falafels, chilli, lemon and jam sponge puddings and today we made the Sunshine bread.

The recipe is here.  I don't think I weighed the flour out quite right as i had to add a lot more in to enable the children to knead it.  The resulting loaf is lovely, not too sweet but very moreish (in fact I made 2 so that both children could have a decent amount to knead so although this one is almost gone now we have another loaf waiting in the freezer)!


  1. Mmmm, that looks yummy bet it didn't past long!

    1. It really didn't, lovely warm with butter :)