Friday, 26 October 2012

Baby its cold outside!!

Today is the first "proper" cold day here.  I hung the washing out and my fingers were almost numb by the time I had finished.  We had a trip out this morning (which I will talk more about another day when I have more voice and less headache!) so it was hats, gloves and neckwarmers all round then off to the supermarket to get Mr T some snowboots as he gets cold toes in shoes in the winter, even with his Nanny's hand knitted woolie socks.

Here is my latest creation, perfect for the cold weather, a chunky cable knit neckwarmer/cowl.  It was hard to persuade Miss E that it wasn't actually fro her after I had bribed her to model it for me.  It is knitted in lovely soft wool mix yarn and feels like candyfloss.

I have a lovely bluey green now to knit up another and maybe I will get some more of that pink and make Miss E one for Christmas!


  1. She wears it very well :-) My goodness it is cold now - definitely now neck warmer time. xx

  2. Thanks! I did bribe her with a marshmallow as she really didn't want to have her picture taken, then afterwards she didn't want to take it off! I want to knit one for myself but my knitting to do list is waaay to long