Monday, 1 October 2012

Under the Weather

Miss E started off with a cold on Thursday night, which meant not much sleep all round as she cries everytime her nose gest blocked at night.  On Sunday Mr T started snuffling more than usual and now he is sat with a red nose and a box of tissues watching cbeebies as its the only thing that will keep the calm when they are both feeling under the weather.  I'm imagining Mr Man and are will be sneezing soon, but in the mean time I am spending my day making warm drinks and soup and blowing various noses (none of them mine so far!)

What do you make for your family when they get colds?  Honey, lemon and ginger is popular here, so popular infact that I have just about run out of honey (hence its not in the pic!).  As is toast and chicken soup although I'm yet to find a recipe I'm totally happy with.

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