Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Best Banana Cake Ever!

So proud of both children, it wasn't so long ago that Mr T would go nowhere near the mixer but now will use it on his own.  And cake making is much more relaxing now they can work together instead of fighting with each other, I even managed to knit a few stitches while they mixed everything up.

The recipe is from Whats For Dinner by Fay Ripley.  It is what I would call an ordinary banana loaf recipe but with a bar of dark chocolate added (really it should be a bar and a half but I only had one in!).  I always use the Supermarket value dark chocolate for cooking now, its great and less than 40p a bar!

I know it is a bit...burned on top but for some reason I struggle to get the middle cooked before the top gets a little over brown.  No one has complained so far though!

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