Sunday, 4 May 2014

Star Wars Baby

So today is Star Wars Day.  Mr T is a big Star Wars fan, and his little sister has realised that being interested in Star Wars means she can play with him and his lego a bit more, something she is always trying to do!  For a long time this Yoda baby hat has sat in my to-do pile until a photographer reminded me  and I finally cast it on.  It is knitted with a super soft chunky acrylic yarn and I think it is a great match for Yoda himself.

I borrowed Mr T's lego figures and set myself up a little scene with them, only to be told that this character would not be with that character and so on, so I let him set them up instead.  I am not sure whether to stock this hat or whether to keep it for custom orders as the ears took more concentration than I have late at night at the moment.  This one is winging its way to Ireland to Linda Clarke, hopefully I will be able to share a photo of it being worn by a gorgeous newborn baby soon.

If you would be interested in ordering one please contact me through my Facebook page, here or via The Yarn Owls Nest, my Etsy shop.  In the meantime May The Force Be With You!

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