Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekend Treats - Lemon Curd Cake

The recipe is one I had saved from a magazine at least a year ago and I suddenly remembered it so decided to give it a go.  It is basically a 3 egg lemon sponge with lemon curd and whipped cream in the middle and a thickish glace icing made from lemon juice on the top.  It tasted amazing and will definitely be repeated again soon.  The recipe called for"good quality bought lemon curd or homemade" but due to my usual time and financial constraints I had to make do with Tesco Everyday Value lemon curd but no one seemed to notice, or were to polite!!


  1. I love when I find recipes in magazines! I have a whole folder full of those...which I WILL get to,
    Your cake looks super yummy! :D

    1. Thanks, it was really good, am waiting for an occasion to make it again ;)