Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Lovely Surprise

Now I never win things, ever.  Well almost ever, I can count on one hand the things I have won...a lovely crocheted shawl at a knitters swish party, some trays of seedlings at an allotment talk and I think thats it.  Anyway, last week I saw a giveaway on Facebook and decided to try my luck as the prize was the most gorgeous hand sewn fabric heart decoration.  I added my "like" and a few days later had a message from Betty Chicken saying I had won!!!!

And here it is

She also makes lovely cards using textiles and felt, pop over to her Facebook page and take a look!  The heart is destined for my bedroom but there will be no pictures of it in situ as the room needs a serious sorting out/redecorating before it is made public!

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