Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Tooth Fairy Was Here!

Mr T's first tooth fell out the other day!  It had been wobbly for quite a while and the adult one was already almost half through by the time the baby one finally fell out.  There was much excitement, although Mr T was disappointed the fairy brought £1 instead of the £130 he "needs" for a lego train!!

After the event I realised that fairies find teeth stored by the bed much easier to pick up than teeth under the pillow so in readiness for the next one falling out (its partner is already wobbly!) I bought this beautiful felted pot.

I have tried to photo it but the light is funny here today, and the lovely lady at Aisling Designs who made it has done a much better job with her camera!


  1. Think the tooth fairy may have to up their payment for him to get his Lego train set, and probably need a bigger tooth fairy pot!!

    Glad it arrived ok.

  2. We've got a first wobbly tooth here too - exciting times! I love that gorgeous little pot. Just added 'make a tooth pouch/pot' to my to-do list!

    1. Can you needle felt? Its on of those things I would love to learn. I recommend getting the pot made early as Toms tooth came out before I was ready!