Thursday, 6 September 2012


I had noticed I have been knitting a lot of pink at the moment so I asked for Mr Ts help to choose a yarn he thought he would like to wear.  Of course as we are in the middle of a very strong colour stereotype phase in this house (thanks mainly to Miss E and her pink obsession) he chose blue.  It is a very nice blue combo though so after the pink hat I have started some blue mittens.  I have a little meeting coming up with a lady at a local shop so I am trying to knit a few items to take along to show her.  After a busy day yesterday and a quiet evening while Mr Man and Mr T were out at a bat walk look how many I have managed to rustle up

The boys loved the bat walk, although the tiredness in Mr T is making today a bit stressful already and its only just past breakfast!  The bat walk was organised by a parent from our Home Ed group and it seems that everyone loved it.  I will nag Mr Man for the pictures he took to post on here as they even spotted a toad.

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