Sunday, 9 September 2012


Up until about two and a half years ago I don't think I owned anything pink.  Today its a different story.  From very un-pink genes Mr Man and I seem to have created a totally pink obsessed little girl.  I find it strange how much of an influence media and retail etc have on such small children.  We don't shop a lot, or watch much television but even still my almost three year old is pink crazy.  Given her own way she would only wear pink clothes, only read pink books and only eat pink food..  I think she thinks it is what makes her a girl, and that if she chose blue, or green or purple, or any other lovely colour she would somehow no longer be a girl.

I am assuming this is a phase but I guess we'll see.  In the meantime she has what we affectionately call "The Pink Palace" as her bedroom (palace being a bit generous as the room is literally the size of a single bed plus enough space to just about turn round in).  She is yet to sleep in it as she spends her nights in a little bed in our room but that means that any guests visiting on their own get to spend a night as a princess!!

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