Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The sun actually shone today.  Sunny days seemed to be in short supply this summer, we have had sooo much rain here that the lawn is still muddy.  I made the most of it though, not by sunbathing or going to the beach like normal people, no, I grabbed all the things I've knitted and got busy taking photos.

The hats look so much better in good light.  Miss E was playing with a toy pumpkin I knitted a few years ago.  I had totally forgotten about it, I whisked it away when she wasn't looking, it makes an ideal prop don't you think?

Girly and unisex baby mittens on the line, the difference a bit of sun makes is amazing.

All the mittens together.  The ones on the bottom right are the finished Badger Mitts.  I have enough yarn left to do another pair in reverse colours I think, watch this space.

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