Friday, 31 August 2012

Comfort food

There was a thread on a forum I post on asking people to recommend their families favourite autumn meals.  Our favourite meal of the moment is cauliflower cheese, which is great as cauliflowers are selling for not much more than £1 for two in the market at the moment.  Mr Man and I like lots of tomatoes in ours but the smallies don't seem to like grilled tomatoes so serving up involves a bit of tomato swapping but it works great for the adults!!

I wish I could take better photos of food, my pictures always look like some awful 70's cookbook shot.  Don't think it helps that my kitchen is like a cave with next to no natural light and I can't face trying to photo food on the table with the starving hoards present.  Oh well, you'll just have to beleive me whan I say it tastes much better than it look ;)

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