Sunday, 26 August 2012

Badger Mitts

When I was rummaging in my wool stash I found the yarn I used to knit the Bats and decided it would be perfect for some "back to school" mitts.  I have always hated all the Back To School adverts, especially as they seem to come out within hours of children breaking up for the summer holiday.  I can remember when I was little that feeling of sadness as the school holidays ended and the nervous anticipation of a new teacher and everything that came with a new year at school.  Anyways, the mittens, the stripes remind me of a badger don't you think.  They are knitted in the last of my Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Mist (dark grey) and Dove Heather (lighter).

Of course I haven't woven in the ends yet...I so hate that job!!!

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