Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Damson Crumble

Here it is, went down very well with a swirl of cream.  I had altered the recipe and cut down on the sugar but after Mr T told me it was blowing his head off we sprinkled on a bit extra.  I used Delia's recipe which added a bit of cinnamon, and because I had two wrinkly looking Bramley apples they went in as well.

While we were out shopping I remembered some maths lessons I had in primary school where the teacher taught all sorts of maths using chocolate.  The fact that I can still remember them to this day probably says a lot so I got a few packets of Smarties and we did a bit of Smartie maths in the afternoon.  It proved very popular, especially when everyone could eat a few!

I'm still knitting like a mad woman, have almost completed yet another pumpkin hat and have started a pair of baby fingerless mittens from this pattern.  I'm using Adriafil Knitcol but I'm not sure of the colourway.  Any ideas of a title for the colourway?  Its reminding me of sweets but I'm not sure which, maybe Dolly Mixtures??!!

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